Icon Coloring #01

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple coloring. This coloring focuses more on the red, blue and gray color. We will be using a looooooot of selective colouring. I apologize for my English as English is not my first language.

We are going from to .

Step One

In the first Step you open your 100x100 Icon Base (or any other Picture is fine as well).

Step Two

Now you create a new Curves Layer with these Settings, but you can also play a bit to adjust it to your Base.

Then your Icon should look like this:

Step Three

The Icon will now get a bit more color, as you make a new Fill Layer (Layer -> New Fill Layer -> Solid Color) and you need to use a light/pastel yellow. I use #fef798 and this will be your result:

Step Four

Step four is a selective color layer. (Image -> Adjustments > Selective Color) and use this settings:

Red: -100, +5, -10, +5
Yellow: -100, -100, -100, -100
Neutrals/Grey: +20, -5, +15, -20

Step Five

Next Selective Color Layer with these settings:

Red: -5, +75, +20, +30
Neutrals/Grey: +25, +35, -5, +15

Step Six

Next step is again a new solid color layer with a really dark blue (I use #030829) and you are going to set the blending mode on "Exclusion" with 100% Opacity.

Step Seven

Next Selective Color Layer with these settings:

Red: -100, +15, +5, 0
Yellow: -90, +5, 10, +30
Neutrals/Grey: +30, 0, -35, 0

Step Eight

Now it is time for a Hue/Saturation Layer where you are going to choose Cyan and give it only +30 Saturation and +35 Saturation for the Blue Color.

Step Nine

The last Selective Coloring Layer - for today is this:

Red: -100, 0, +25, 0
Yellow: 0, -40, -100, 0
Cyan: +35, 0, 0, 0
Blue: +75, 0, 0, 0
White: 0, 0, 0, -45

Step Ten

Adding this Pattern to your Icon and set the Blending Mode to "Soft Light" wiht 67% Opacity.

Step 11

If you want, you can stop here but I love when my Icons are a little bit darker so to get the darker result I add an Exposure Layer (Image -> Adjustments -> Exposure) with these settings:

And this will be (hopefully!) your final Result where you can add some Textures, Brushes etc to make it look a bit nice.

I hope you liked the Tutorial & I'd be really apreciated if you could let me know if this Tutorial was helpful. Again sorry for my really really bad English.