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Back from the deaths.

Hello dear visitors :D

I don't know if anyone else gets lost here, but I just wanted to shout out loud that I'm slowly coming back. I know - it was very quiet here for months but I'll try to get back in touch more often - I promise!

The last few months a lot has happened to me - unfortunately also a lot of negative, which has really strained my nerves. I have started at the new job which really sometimes really goes on my nerves, but I still feel good there. Then in November finally came out the remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, in front of which I also spent hours after work - the game is super nice and especially for me, who is a huge Sinnoh fan, it is a pleasant step into the past ... 2007 when everything went smoothly and we could just be kids.

Now in December came again the "beautiful" holidays where I would have loved to spend alone at home in bed - I'm absolutely not a friend of this hypocritical family celebration where you only see each other once a year, but the remaining 363 you hear nothing from each other.

But now enough of the excitement - I have the last time now and then worked in the background and can tell you, it came out a little something. The update I write you in detail in the update box.

Finally I have to announce that I'll probably put the tradecenter online again & there will be the first graphiccontest soon ! So be curious! Until then I wish you pleasant days and a happy new year 2022! See you then!

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