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First Month over

Hello World!

After a few weeks I'll get back to you.

I still have stress about the apartment, our bedroom will be delivered to us, due to Corona, in March / April, so long we will continue to sleep on the couch and probably break our backs.

Due to the stress, the work and the household comes the hobby "website" unfortunately much too short - I'm still trying to change it within the next month a little and become more active - I continue to work on my Instagram account and have now arrived at 480+ followers.
I have to say that I now also dare to upload videos - like the one from yesterday when I opened a Pokémon Shiny Star V display and drew a Shiny Charizard Vmax - the most valuable card currently on the market! I almost cried with joy and was just shaking.

alternative Erkl?rung

I will also send this card in for rating and then cherish it - who knows, maybe in 20 years this will be worth as much as the 90s base set Charizard card.

I would be super happy about a follow of course :D

But there will be no update this time - I'll try to prepare something in the next days! :)

Have a nice evening & nice start into February.

Have a nice evening and best regards,