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Little update

Hello dear visitors :D

I'm getting back to you after some time - as you could see I changed the header and the colors of the layout. The layout now features Rebecca, Shiki and Happy from the anime Edens Zero which is available on Netflix since August 26th. Check it out, it's totally beautiful, dramatic and funny.

I also FINALLY found a permanent job now, before I only had temporary contracts :D I get to start on September 15 and I'm already super nervous but also happy.

I just brought you a little update and that is a premade Design and 2 PSD colorings (page 2 below).

I'll try to take care of the website more often and update it more often.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram if you want to write :)

Have a nice day

Svenja -

1 premade Design | 2 PSD Colorings