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Spring is coming!

Hey Guys!

I'm sorry that I have not reported the whole month of February. I just had no creativity anymore, it was just "meh".
But now I'm back and working in the background on a new layout - suitable for spring.
We in Luxembourg had the last days pleasant 15-18 degrees Celcius.

But that is rather unimportant ... On Friday there was a Pokémon Direct presentation again for a long time ... and ... after 10 years of waiting, the remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl were finally announced! I really shed tears of joy, I was the happiest person in a long time!
Sinnoh is and will forever be my favorite Pokémon Gen! I
I'm also looking forward to the new Arceus Legends concept and hope this won't be a flop. :)

alternative Erkl?rung

I have also gained some new followers on my Instagram account and would be happy if you would stop by :D

To the visitors here I have brought some PSD Colorings - I hope you have fun with it! :)

See you soon!


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