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New Year, New Start

Good evening!

As you can easily see, Kouyou-Design has moved to a new server - with a domain. I decided to do this because I was annoyed that Lima-City had a complete breakdown for 4 days in a row - the website was available but I couldn't do anything via FTP. The connection did not work. So I got my last money together and decided to buy a domain. Also I will keep the site mostly in English, even if English is not my strongest language - but there is someone in the German scene who I really don't want to have with their blasphemy at others against me. :)

The hoster is this time All-inkl! :) Have so far only positive heard and read and hope that I can share this opinion, so far everything went well.

I hope you all have started well into the year? I'll contact you again one by one anyway, so that you know that I have moved - even if there is an automatic redirection on the old website soon.

Speaking of the move! I told you in December that we finally got our apartment - it looked like a garbage dump - we were really busy from the 19th of December until yesterday turning everything upside down, cleaning, setting up furniture etc - but we are happy with the result so far. So far the living room is the room that is most "pleasant" renovated - sofa and TV and gaming consoles are in place, also the kitchen is finally clean. This weekend we'll probably get the hobby room done.

For the reopening I also brought you a coloring tutorial. Hopefully it helps you or you like the effect :)

That's it for this month from me - should I still think of something you will find an edit here.

Have a nice evening and best regards,


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